Bag of Beans Tagaytay Coffee Shop

When in Tagaytay and thought about coffee, then you might be thinking about Bag of Beans. Bag of Beans is one of the famous destination that every coffee lover used to spend cold days whenever in the City.

I’m addicted to coffee since I was young, when I was in high school my grandfather already noticed my unusual habit of drinking coffee. I drink a cup just after I woke up early morning - a habit called "pamainit" in Bisaya, after breakfast, on merienda at around 9-10am, afternoon snack at around 4-5 PM and another cup before dinner. I am that addicted so I thought that my Tagaytay experience wouldn’t be complete without me tasting the best of Tagaytay’s coffee house.

From the hotel staff instructions we headed south before taking a ride back home. When we arrived at Tagaytay Bag of Beans my first impression was that its too small for such a big name, but that was just only until a crew guided us down and then we got to see the entire place. It was big, and the place is totally relaxing, it is decorated with plants and landscape.

We took their menu and was enticed to get a buffet but we're out of budget so we just went ahead and tried their coffee. I ordered my favorite hot macchiato.

While waiting for our orders I enjoyed the kids playing music and dancing in the tune of a symphony. Then I start wandering lol. The kids took some break but my musical musings and moments didn't lost that much because just as when those kids shutoff they started playing Bossanova songs one of which is sang by one of my favorite local singer Sitti.

So just imagine how heavenly I felt that time when good coffee comes with good music. This is something I want to do daily.

Caramel Machiatto - Php110.00 , Mocha Frappe - Php115.00, Coffee Choco Banana Frost - Php145.00, Black Forest Frappe - Php145.00, Cookies and Cream - Php145.00 

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Php295.00

Okay going back to their foods and services. As a review, the cold coffees are so sweet, it doesn't please much of our likings except for the Banana chocolate coffee because it taste really good. The macchiato is a bit stronger than I expected but I loved it. We love their serving of spaghetti that they said for 3-4 person but satisfies all five of us. They also have some pastries for pasalubong (takeaway) and a really nice personalized mug ;). All in all, My coffee experience was very satisfying that it makes me want to go back there and crave a visit from time to time.

NOTE: Tagaytay also housed some famous coffee and buffet restaurants, most of them are lined up in the south ridge of Tagaytay where luxury hotels like Taal vista is also situated. Though we opted to stay at the north ridge, I would suggest that food lovers stay at the south since I noticed that it is the place where yummy food houses like Leslie's is located; unless otherwise if you want a quieter place and willing to take extra ride to have a sumptuous meal other than what your hotel serves you.

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