Entourage: Matron of Honor

I’ve been mentioning myself of being so inspired with the first bridal entourage I did last year. Today I am proud to show you one of the designs I made for the wedding.

I am about to post all the dresses but for now I will start with the gown for the Matron of honor. This dress is one of my buffered designs which I created the other year, if you’ve been reading my blog maybe you’ve seen the illustration of this dress I posted as a part of my fashion illustrations and pencil rendering project.

You’re currently looking at beautiful red chiffon gown with pleated sleeves congruent to the both side drapes on the hip part; a flattering detail on her. To add more life to the design, I added a chiffon flower cutting and crystal beads right on the empire cut of the gown.

This is the simplest yet I considered one of my most successful creations. I’ve heard pretty good feedbacks that the dress makes the Matron of honor look slimmer and that is an awesome outcome to think that I haven’t even met her nor had a chance to fit the dress – I just took the measurement via email, created the gown, have the bride hand it to her and finally meet her on the wedding day. Feeling expert eh?

Hoping for more learning and opportunities to come this year =)



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