Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel and Casino, Laoag Ilocos Norte


Fort Ilocandia is a five star hotel Situated in the city of Laoag province of Ilocos Norte. It is hailed to be the only five star hotel in northern Luzon.  In addition to a restaurant, Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel features an outdoor pool and a casino making this a well known place to visit and stay in Ilocos Norte.

Fort Ilocandia is very famous to Ilocanos and its tourists, in fact being one; we make sure to visit this lavish hotel. The place has a cozy interior inside a Spanish accentuated building that is decorated with mostly Chinese lanterns and Chinese decors in lieu to the coming Chinese New Year.


I wish I can see this place in the morning since they really have a nice garden and landscape but the night view is I guess is as good enough to give a full vision as to why this hotel was marked with five stars.


Really nice place to relax, we might consider this on our next trip here with some extra budget. Mean time - check my other post about our Ilocos Norte and Sur Tour :) and the complete itinerary and expense.
Barangay 37 Calayab, Laoag CityIlocos Norte, 2900 PhilippinesTel#: (63-77) 670-9001 to 15


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