OOTD: Short and Simple on my 2nd 2013 Brides' Wedding:)

Quick Post: Last Monday was my client's wedding, and of-course I was there. :) I have been very busy about a lot of things this past few days that left me no time to over think about what I should wear. So, I kept it short and simple. I made my self a lavander Ombré dress that only took me three hours to finish. I love its simplicity and vibrant color - it felt like spring. To complete the look, I grab an old floral heels and accessorized it with gold necklace and rings both carrying a bright emerald crystals.

That's it for now :) will post about the gown that I did after my trip this week. For now, lets just all beat the heat!


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  1. Very cute dress!!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  2. Beautiful dress! you wear it well!!


  3. Very simple but an eye catcher!!! :) Beautiful dress! =D Sarap naman ng feeling when you can make your own clothes kasi you have the control sa style na gusto mo... <3


    1. Thank you Steph! It was such an advantage to know how to create a dress and I am really thankful for the gift.

  4. great post....lovely dress....you are so sweet....

  5. you are amazing christeen! nice dress! :)