Saint William Cathedral and its Sinking Bell Tower

First I never thought that the bell tower of Saint William Cathedral is the Sinking bell tower.This church is often discussed separately with the Sinking bell tower when in-fact the bell tower is part of the church. Well it is due to the fact that they are not obviously seem to belong together. The St William Cathedral has a bell tower built far while the tower itself has gained it reputation as a unique and interesting sinking structure.

This church was erected in replacement to a wooden chapel that was built in 1580 for the sake of the growing Christian community in Laoag it was built in 1612 by Augustinian friars with an Italian Renaissance design and a four story bell tower built more or less 85 meters away from the church. Currently the church and the bell tower due to its distance were already separated by some structure that makes them look more separated than one.

According to stories, 300 hundred years ago this bell tower entrance can be a way where a man in a horseback can pass through, due to the sandy and soft ground from where it is laid the entire structure of this tower sinks an inch a year lowering it dramatically. Today a person with an average height has to bend to be able to get through the entrance door.

How to get to Saint William Cathedral and its Sinking Bell Tower:

Going to this church is not a problem, if you were already at the city proper of Laoag you can ask for direction cause this might be walking distance from where you are. Or have a tricycle to take you to Saint Williams Cathedral. The sinking bell tower is one of the highest structure, that it may grab your attention even before you realize that its the sinking bell tower that you are looking for :).A map below to guide you.

A.Sinking Bell Tower
B. St. William Cathedral


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