Levante Midnight Market - Eastwood City

Last Friday, Eastwood City’s party and mall goers found another place to look forward for every Friday in Levante’s opening. Eastwood City as we all know nestled a lot of day and night office, hotel and condominiums making this a perfect location for The Mercato Centrale Groups’ brain child Levante – a lifestyle midnight food market.

Since my office is just a few steps away from the actual location, feedback where really easy catch; almost everyone in a groups where talking about the midnight market only thing is that they named it banchetto instead Levante. Banchetto is an Italian word for banquet (meal, dinner), also a group with the same concept which also become a popular as a overnight food fiesta destination here in Metro Manila.

Despite of the misnaming still Levante had a very successful day. I, on my end had ventured much on meats since I had a lot of desserts and sweets in Mezza Norte. Though Levante has a fewer vendor compared to Mezza Norte I still appreciate the fact that it didn’t fail to provide a variety and covers from appetizers up to desserts.

Here are some vendors of Levante.

Cheat Date by Mr. Ean James Cuenco, I met him in Mezza norte and I was really surprised that he mans the cooking of Cheeze Date. Cheeze Date Burger is almost the same to its sister/brother Big Bob's burger. They share same uniquely flavoured patty and what differs is the way how they cook it (big bobs are charcoal grilled while Cheeze date is done using electric grill) and his newly discovered soda based sauce. Me and my partner was able to taste both and for us we both love the Cheat date since it has a less bitter taste which come from some overcooked parts of charcoal grilled patty.
Next is Maria’s Ilocos Empanada, and you know I will love this. I gain a lot of weight when I was in Ilocos and that is because Ilocanos really has a good set of cuisines. Maria, by the way, also sells traditional authentic Ilocano Empanada and some Ilocano products like my favorite Chicacorn.
We have Gili Pita, this comes on third as I believe that their store is quite unrated among other vendor in Levante. Gili Pita is a healthy version of burger which is famous in Mediterranean cuisines; they use whole wheat on their pita and use fresh garden vegetables for stuffing other than the yummy chicken cooked in curry mix. It was my second time in Boracay when I both ended up booking a hotel next to a Morocan restaurant and from that I can say that Gili Pita’s recipe owns the authenticity so well. I just wish that they could do something to make their pita a bit smaller and lower down the cost to allow people have their budget friendly venture.

Next where all meat party vendors.

Then we had one of the bestselling chickens in the house the B-wings. B- wings is a store owned by Mr. Mark Decastro, he mentioned that what sets their stores apart from fried chicken store is that they don’t keep the battle on garlic seasoning, instead they made a crazy turn on limes and chococate. What also make this store cool is the name of their chicken – all are easy to remember. P-noy (base), B-nay, Black Mamba (chicken with spicy chocolate sauce – their best seller) and Barak Opakpak. B-wings also operates their own store at Loyola Heights Condominium, Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, QC - for delivery you may call (02) 433-1199.

Then few sweets are present like the new vendor name Twisted. Twisted has their own uniquely flavored cupcakes and also do personalized cakes.


Cakes by K is also present.

I guess what Levante need is at least one store for the coolers, I miss Larissa’s Fruit Shakes. But all in all it was good. Hope to see you all again tonight at Levante!

Last thing to do is Picture - picture ;)

And, that all for Levante! BTW, I work right on the building beside where Levante so I might be checking their food everytime. Bump you there!


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