Wear It Your Way with Wacoal

In my previous post I discussed how undergarment can make or break your style and shared you my discovery of Wacoal undergarments. Today, let me discuss their Wear It Your Way convertible
brassier – one that would surely interest all the girls out there. You’ve seen some of this kind already but what makes Wear It Your Way Bra of Wacoal differ amongst other is that it is not only convertible but it is also infused with highly intellectual and strategic feature in which Wacoal is known of. Saying for example - the half cup which is best for low neckline garment and the extra side wires that keep the excess side flesh pushes from side to center and enhance your body shape.

It’s been a while since I’d become fond of Wacoal’s product and it already suited a lot of my outfits but to day let me give you three examples of outfits that I can fashionably wear my way with Wacoal’s versatile wear it your way bra.

Using the conventional way – notice that even though I wore a wide neckline blouse, the straps doesn’t show off. That is because this bra has a strap attached in the side and not in awkward middle of the cup.

Second way is strapless, here in this photo I am traveling and jumping my way in Ilocos with my low tube sun dress. And we all have to agree that this look won’t be possible without a half cup bra that fits tight to your body.

Lastly is pulling off a casual chick venus cut top using the “one-sided” way of wearing Wear it Your Way Bra. Is one way you wouldn't want to miss.

See the flexibility I’m talking about? This past months I myself has been quite busy with some events and activities from office, blogging to travelling. I came to a point that I need to go from one event directly to the office and do my full time job. One of the challenges comes my way are the changing of outfits – from party dresses to office or casual wear. That challenges were actually one of those common issues that girls has but it is actually answerable by a good choice of undergarments. Now, since I have Wacoal as a personal choice, changing outfits becomes a no brainer at all. That’s why ladies, take note of this you can always have Wacoal as your choice.


  1. I love your outfit post and the way you wear it wacoal.

    Much love,

  2. I love the outfits, that you wore with your way it with Wacoal.

    Much love,


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