Labo, Camarines Norte Photo Diary.

I've been here a lot of times but never documented once. But since this has twisted my perspective from believing that “We travel to see beauty.” to a possibly be more meaningful “We travel to create Beauty.”  And having a camera on hand to take photos and stories, then I thought this is worth a page.

Unlike my many other trips, this one is not meant to see places or tourist spots neither a trip to hunt for the best food house in town. Unlike my many other trips, this doesn't have an itinerary and list of things to do nor an expense budget plan. So What this trip is for? Nuh! nothing just experiencing the best of being in our grandparents place in Labo Camarines Norte! So how's life in Labo?


We boarded from Cubao since it is more accessible from Pasig City. We went and checked DLTB Co. Bus Company, their price is higher compared to Superlines but they have more comfortable air-conditioned buses per experience. What’s best is that they are equipped with Wifi so you won’t get bored if you’re not into long hours of travelling (the password is pasted in the frame of their television set). We arrived at Labo Camarines Norte at around 10:30PM, This trip is quite longer than usual considering that we left manila at exactly 1:15PM. Travel time usually runs from 8-9 hours.
Three more on top and one at the back - then that's how they normally do it.

We spent over night at Labo Camarines Norte and went early to Tulay na Lupa Camarines Norte, heading to my Grand Parents' house. That was actually the first time I noticed how tricycles here can overly do the top-loading. I regret not to have tripod and a good lens with me as I thought that it’s just so adorable to miss.


Nothing much has changed; it is the same old remote place I'm used of visiting. No high structure and fancy places like resorts and restaurants, though the entire place is a big priceless spot where you can always enjoy the serene rustic life.

Great beaches are boats away that will surely be worth the visit, but while in here, you can always check some cold and clean spring that locals enjoy for free.

Abundant fruit trees that you can freely climb and pick some fruits.

Blooming floras that joyously spread their vibrant color and beauty around the place.

This is a Tambis fruit tree. Tagalog's usually call this Macopa
but Bisaya knows that it is a totally different fruit though they belong in one family.


The place of the BEST HOME-COOKED DISHES! You know I am biased to that, but we know that Bicolanos are best known of its dishes that has coconut milk and gabi - to imagine a Filipino cuisine without those dishes is impossible.

Ginataang Paksiw na Tanigue – one of my favorite. Trust me they do it differently than those of regular paksiw we can have around the Philippines. (Photo grab from my Instagram

Bico – this is very close on how we do it in Mindanao. Less the vanilla and brown sugar instead of the white one but this definitely has the bragging yumminess of its own.

Pinagong – a milkier and a heavier version of monay. Brought this along the way from Sariaya Quezon Province. Not from Labo but my Aunt says its one of their favorite pasalubong. (Photo grab from my Instagram)


Minatamis na Pinya - Camarines is known not only for Pili nuts and coconut farming but also with their sweet pineapples which are very suitable for a Pineapple Jam like this homemade one from my aunt.


The bus vendors – they may not have the best of what local delicacy can offer but they have the very affordable and practical products that let me experience the local food especially when I'm travelling by bus whose just passing by one place to another. A good way to start making the journey as the destination it self.

The little kid that was at the window side of the bus the entire time. She seemingly pasted her self there while watching, observing and asking things about the scene outside.

With this old couple that we may never have grown up with but had made us feel the tight tie of our bloods – our grandparents.

Meeting the gentlest man I have ever met.

The beauty of love seen beyond the usual scene of couples exchanging vows at the altar but through the scene of the couple continuously proving and holding the promise that in good times and tough times they’ll be with each other's sides.

We travel to see beauty – but we might only find little of these or worst not found any at all. But isn't it that beauty is in many things around us? Appreciate and see things beyond the conventional perspective and will surely be able to create a beauty that is  far from what you have ever imagined of finding.



  1. Parang ung place its everything na dream mong tirhan simple yet happy

    1. Agree! Kung pwding lang sanang ganyan lang ka simple ang buhay eh no :-)

  2. Wow! Ang ganda ng mga shots! langoy sa batis, fruits- free lang, tambay, lutong bahay---to yung mga namimiss ko- Sarap!

    1. Thank you Sir Jeff :) - opo free fruits at food, haaaaist.

  3. Hello,

    Na-puzzle ako dun sa title nung post mo sa (FBW) How's life in Tulay na Lupa?.

    And then saw your photos, ganda. Bigla rin me naglaway dun sa minatamis na pinya. Parang ang sarap! Bakit pu pla Tulay na Lupa?

    Dati nagpunta na rin ako sa Daet, taga dito kasi yun friend ko then niyaya nya kame to visit their place at ayun nagkaron kame ng chance maka-visit sa Calaguas (2010, I think) He's near vinzon. Meron din kame ni-visit na place, (baka alam mo?) I forgot kase un name nun resort, it's a man made pool (ang tanda ko open sya for public? or nagbayad kame pro sobrang mura lang.. Tapus ang ganda talaga, ang lamig taz ang linaw ng tubig. Sa (---) bundok daw nanggagaling yung tubig na nanggagaling dun sa man-made pool na yun, but ayun nga forgot the name na rin nun bundok. :p

    1. Hi Jek,

      Thanks sa pagbati :). Yung Tulay na Lupa po ay isang Barangay sa Daet, mejo malayo din sya sa Vinsons pero dun halos kuha yung mga picture na tampok ko jan sa blog ko. hehe.

      Mukhang nabasa ko na blog mo hehe, check ko ulit kasi parehas kayo ng ginawa nung nabasa kung blog eh.Ayun yung spring, marami pong ganyan dun sa pag kakaalam ko yung iba ginawa ng resort pero yung iba naman gaya nung nasa picture ko eh open to public pa rin. "Bubbles Spring" pala tawag sa batis na yan.

    2. **Yung Tulay na Lupa po ay isang Barangay sa Labo ;)

  4. beautiful place! :) Peaceful and prang simple lng buhay jan ha :D

    ps; i love your photos

  5. I just want to correct some details in this blog.. firat, the title should note be Daet, Camarines Norte because the blog posted another town in Camarines Norte which is Labo. Let ne just imply, that Daet is a progressive town and if featured, the tourist will enjoy the restaurants with great food. We also have great beaches in Camarines Norte like Calaguas in Vinzons and Bagasbas Beach in Daet And other nearby beaches in other municipalities.
    By the way, in terms of transportation, it is not a practice to have more than three passengers in a tricycle in Daet.
    No offense but I think your blog should be specific with one muncipality which is Labo.. I have not seen anything from Daet. Tulay na Lupa is not a barangay in Daet.. it is a one of the remote barangays of Labo. Let me educate you, Camarines Norte has 12 municipalities and two of which are Daet (capital of the province and also the most progressive) And Labo.
    I think all blogs should be specific and factual because this may affect tourism.

    1. Hi.. thank you for pointing that out. :) You're right, when I sent them a package and wrote the address I realized that Labo was different from Daet which I first thought a brgy, in that town. I forgot to get back to this article for correction though until today.


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