Ninak Restaurant - Home of experimental Asian inspired dishes.

Ninak Restaurant is a Southeast Asian inspired food house owned and managed by DJ, Quito and Martin Jose; the same tandem who brought us Brothers Burger. It is located at Kapitolyo Pasig, few minutes away from both Ortigas and Pioneer. The store has two floors with minimalist interior.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by their pleasant and accommodating staff and given our seats and give us a small bowl wanton chips to enjoy while waiting for our colleagues.

I ordered juice, a very refreshing Red Grape juice with Basil slush while checking their menu. There are a lot of dishes to choose from and our picks came from the suggestion of one of the owners - DJ Jose himself. 

We had three of their flavored rice, Tinapa Rice, Ninak Rice and Bagoong Rice. To experience best of Ninak order this instead of a regular plane rice.

Red Grape Juice with Basil Slush - Php 110.00

Ninak Rice. Php 80.00

Tinapa Rice - Php 135.00
Bagoong Rice - Php 149.00

Chicken Satay - Php 255.00

Chicken Satay is as good as how it may seem in the photo - it's curry and ginger flavor will surely remind you the best of Indian flavors. I can have this together with their flavored rice and I am solved!

Green Curry Mussels - Php 230.00

Green Curry Mussels is impressively good too, they use an imported mussels, which are a lot meatier than those that we can source locally.

Crispy Angus Beef Belly - Php 320.00

Crispy Angus beef belly is a meat lover must try.

Bean Sprout with Salted Fish - Php 160.00

Bean Sprout on the other hand is the one for our vegetarian friends. I love veggies and I love the simplicity of this dish.

Chicken BBQ with Ninak Sauce - Php 235.00

Laksa - Php 280.00

Laksa is a Malay dish, I was surprised to have seen this served as I am a fan of Maggi Asam Laksa which is only available in some stores in Zamboanga. It made me happy that now I can have a bowl of this whenever I want to.

Ninaks' Nilaga (not yet on their menu list but you can ask them)

Lamb Massaman - Php 320.00

Lamb Massaman was just a viand of a million dollar. Definitely my top dish for the day this makes me crave for some white wine on the side.

And of course, who wants to leave without having a dessert?

Turon Halo-halo - Php 120.00

Yes! I guess you already have the idea of this dessert. Its turon - like the usual turon we can find anywhere in the Philippines its just that it was stuffed not only with strips of banana but with ube, beans and everything that usually found in a halo-halo. Two thumbs up for this simple yet experimental treat.

Red Ruby - Php 120.00

Thai Halo-halo - Php 120.00 

We all loved Ninak, their generous serving and flavorful menu. Simple as it may sound like but they had proven how they can experimentally twist their dishes to show how passionate they are in providing us the best of Asian dishes in a reasonable price.

This becomes my rainy days craving.

Ninak restaurant in brief overview, started in a stall in Alabang which unfortunately didn't succeeded, according to Dj, they had targeted the incorrect market and decided to close the store. Then after they had a Ninak take out booth, which surprisingly gain a good number of followers. Their followers inspired them to have this store open a couple of months ago.

Trivia: Ninak - spell and read backward as K - A - N - I - N.

Home of Southeast Asian inspired dishes
from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines
Unit 101 Seven Eat Capitol Building.
East Capitol Drive Cor. Sta Rosa St. Kapitolyo, Pasig City.
Tel. No: 655-6902
Mobile No: 0922-8576187


  1. Nabusog na ako kaya i decided not to eat ..busog na busog ako sa pics mo

    1. ehehe thanks kulapipot - nxt time damihan ko pa photo para dami mabusog ;)

  2. Wow! That's a lot of delicious food! I'm so curious to try this out. Thanks for sharing, sis! =)


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