The Flying Pig and Red Crab - Goodness in just a steps away.

Working in one of the prime location in Metro Manila is one of the many things I should be thankful of my current job. This allow me to have an easy access to the many if not too much goodness around, not only for leisure but also for food. Last  Saturday we went to dine in a food house located at the ground floor of Eastwood Mall.

The Flying Pig place has a really nice location and a good interior too,  that alone already speaks the price of the menu, but who cares? As long as the food justifies the price then I would say that it always worth a try. Anyways, the name it self would surely give you the idea that this food house carries a meaty menu and that was entirely right. So does that mean this is no way a place for those who are not a pork or beef lover? Well at first I thought yes until the waiter handed me the Red Grab menu book for another option of a differently themed dishes - this includes seafood dishes but focuses more on crabs. The attendant mentioned that they share the same kitchen so we can order in both at the same time.

Dining in such place with my sisters was at first wasteful because we usually end up of loading a lot in our table and having a lot of left over after dining. But this time is quite different, ordering was never hard for us, the list is familiar and that makes it easier for us to make the choice (a list that you can easily browse through when you are so hungry and don't want to think anymore). From The Flying Pig we had Sausage Fest and Bangin Bagnet. While in Red Crab we tried their Rellenong Alimango with smoked fish and had a bowl of rice for three.

Since this is my sister's birthday, while waiting for our order I asked one of the staff for an extra plate for the Cupcakes I bought from Cupcakes by J. And they handed a plate that fits nicely for our little birthday cake. The waiter also handed us over his lighter for the candle. The thing is, they are kind and accommodating - something that lift my two thumbs up each time I dine.

The waiting time is not that long too, I guess we had our order in less than 20 minutes.

Sausage Fest - assorted home made sausages served with sauerkraut and German potato salad. (Php385.00)

Rellenong Alimango with Smoked Fish (Php385.00)

Bangin Bagnet - extra crispy sun dried pork belly served with garlic Adobo rice and spiced vinegar. (Php 285.00)

The menu was generally great and satisfying and I love how generous the servings are, I just wish they could add some more sauce on each and every servings they made. Aside from that, everything is all good and I will let you see how I enjoyed our order. Full plate which was emptied in just a matter of small short talks.

My sister's birthday, has been short and quick. We all are in a crazy busy days so maybe we will just cope with each other in an out of town hangout on the weekend. For now what is important is we enjoyed our dine at The Flying Pig and Red Crab Restaurant - to say that it is a right choice for the occasion fits the experience.

Barbecue House & French-American Carnivores' Haven... 
The Place where pigs can fly and diners pig-out!
Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City
Telephone Number: +632 900-0886


  1. Happy birthday to your Sister!! I am quite hesistating to dine at Red Crab, they are also the operators of Sea Food Island and quite not fond of their food. Maybe I'll give Red Crab a try (parang SumoSam at Mr. Kurosawa lang eh HAHA)

    1. haha I didn't know that they are under the same management, but if you are not fond of seafood island wag ka nalang muna mag The Red Crab. They almost have the same quality of food - something that is good but not perfectly good to be fond of coming back basing on the ones that we have tasted. I like The Flying Pig though and love the fact that The Red Crab provided an option for non-meaty lovers.


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