Revisiting Momarco Resort, Tanay Rizal

Another company outing and we are pressent (Jac & I). We booked for an overnight stay at Momarco resort, a resort that I have visited couple of years ago.

I was kind of excited to see how was the resort after it was destructed by Bagyong Undoy and after an Architect friend finished the Bathala Bike park project.

We had Casa Lucia for our accommodation, it is a big house 15 minutes away from the pool area. It has a 7 non-air conditioned room that can accommodate up to 30 persons with 4 shower/comfort rooms.


This accommodation was furnished with almost everything that you need, - tv, fridge, water dispenser, heater, stove and 5 sets of dinning table.

To complete the experience, the interior was furnished with homey decors making it more relaxing.

Our visitor that day was a big Mariposa :)

On some review, they mentioned that there are a lot of insects and nocturnal animals get in at night. We experience a few, maybe four or five the entire stay. Most of the windows were covered with screen that keeps the insects away (just be sure not to leave your door at the second floor open).

The pool area is also clean when we were there. The water is very clear, though you can spot some particles floating and sunken on the pool which is i guess is inevitable due to the location which is at the middle of a vast greenery.

As a general review: I enjoyed our stay, the food is okay. If I am to site few things that I love and I suggest them to improve then these would be the following.
What I love:
  • The casa is big and spacious.
  • The entire place is clean.
  • They serve the food at the casa.
  • Servers are well trained and groomed.
  • Orders can be delivered at the Casa even late at night.
  • The view and serenity.
  • The Mini-Zoo



What I think they can still improve:
  • A dipping pool could have made everything perfect. We first thought that having an accommodation 15 minutes-walk away from the pool part is good, we ended up divided. Some went swimming while other got lazy and just stayed at the casa.
  • Additional pool. What I really admire about this resort when I first went here is the huge pool for few visitors. But today they already added numerous numbers of room accommodations which will crowd the pool during peak days.
  • Since accommodation like the Casa is far, a cabana or open cottage is very much needed whenever the group is at the pool part – hope they can include one as a package.

  • Hire a driver that knows the route, there is definitely a faster one which is approximately 1:45 minutes from Pasig in medium traffic.
  • Casa Lucia is a good choice during cold months, as it could get really hot during summer since it's a non-air-conditioned house.
  • Bring with you insect repellents - there are some outdoor activities that you can enjoy other than swimming that might expose you to mosquitoes.
  • Always watch your way, huge ants are everywhere.
  • If going on a team building, prepare list of activities and make sure to inform your colleagues ahead. It is very hard do the running, gathering the group in a large house inside an acre big resort.

And, that's all for Momarco. We never get the chance to do some activities together but each surely enjoys their preferred activities like quick swimming, nature hike and drunken moment til dawn.

Cheers everyone! Xx.
Momarco Resort
Tanay, Rizal
QC Office 0917-8513623 / 0928-55953064740912 / 4277068 (telefax)
Tanay Office0927-8229865 / 0918-9429873


  1. Replies
    1. Overnight Stay at Casa is 20k then we paid additional 450.00/head fo the full board meal :)

  2. hello may i ask if how much is for the rooms if we stay for at least one 1day

    1. Hi! you may check their website po for the updated rates. -

  3. what cam you used on this?

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