Its been a while, Davao City!

Left Surigao ahead than we originally planned, we arrived in Davao late night without any booked accommodation. This does not worry me though, because Davao has been one of the places I considered a second home. Its been a while since I last visited and roamed around the city, the pleasant air of the place still didn't change.

From Ecoland terminal we took a Taxi to NorthZen Basic Suits where we planned to stay. The hotel is less than 15 minutes away from the bus terminal which cost us less than Php100.00. Luckily enough, it has a vacant room for us so we were able to take a rest right there and then.

From our basic yet really comfortable accommodation – NorthZen Basic Suits: We had our early morning cup of coffee and dose of daily news. I went through all our list of things to do and to see, checking and crossing out those that we can or can't visit. The rain fell hard that day and the port to Samal Island which is just walk away from the hotel was closed due to a high storm signal so what’s left are those spots just within the City and nearby Municipality.

Here are the spots that we manage to visit:


Lon Wa Buddhist Temple

Lon Wa Buddhist Temple is one of the biggest Buddhist temple in the Philippines and in Mindanao. I am not a very religious person but I have a fair interest in other culture's religion as much as I have on my own. The details and story of these places never fail to amaze me, just likes those Female and Male lions which you can identify using the thing they held with their paw. The female lion holds the cub while the boy holds the wealth. Much alike to our old cultures and beliefs that the mother is responsible for taking care of the kids and the household while the husband is the provider of family’s needs. My favorites are the wood carving at the lobby that telltale the story of Bhudda.

This temple, though small but was rich of stories and showcase brief idea of Buddhists colorful culture. It is very worthy for a quick stopover.

Lon Wa Buddhist Temple is located in Cabagiuo Avenue.

Davao City Hall

From Lon Wa Buddhist Temple, we took a jeep going to San Pedro church where we can catch a jeepney going to Matina. On the same stop we were able to take a quick glimpse of the Davao City Hall. I took this picture from the front entrance of San Pedro church as we took a quick rest.

Philippine Eagle Center

On our way to Matina, we planned to see the Japanese Tunnel and not the eagle center but the driver forgot to dropped us by and it was already way too far when he remembered that we asked him to prompt us of the drop-off point to the Japanese tunnel. He taught us the way back but I saw a jeep going to Calinan, so I thought to just go straight there instead.

The entire trip from San Pedro to Calinan took us I guess an hour or so. From Calinan proper we took a motorcycle ride they call habal habal to Malagos where Malagos Garden and Philippine Eagle Center is located. The ride is a little less than 15 minutes. Since Philippine Eagle Center is farther than Malagos Garden we opted to visit it first but heavy rain caught us on our way back so we decided to let Malagos Garden visit pass.

Going back Philippine Eagle Center, it is located at the rear side of Davao Water District, so you have to pay an entrance fee twice twice (Php5.00 and Php50.00). I’ve been here a few times before, but its way back my kindergarten and elementary years, so this visit is like my first time.

Before we started touring, we decided to have some cup of coffee to warm us since we both have to conquer the light and continuous raindrops on the way. After a few minutes we started walking along the path to the sanctuaries. Like a kid I enjoyed watching the birds, I love the nature and the tropical feel. I hope they can maintain and even more develop this place for our next generation.

I got some photos of a lot of the animals inside, names and nature – I enjoyed learning them all and wanted to share but I guess it would be a great help to the center if you can visit the them and learn it first hand.

Blugre Coffe

Blugre coffee is one of the most famous and successful coffee shop in Davao City, established in late 90’s they now have more or less 20 stores. Blugre offers a good array of coffee flavors, pastries and a wonderfully comforting and calm ambiance. That’s why when my friend and I set a meet up during that rainy day – I exactly knew where that should be. I then had their signature coffee with a blend of durian. I don’t eat raw durian but I like it when it’s already blended like in ice-cream or candy so it really makes me wonder if how it tastes like in coffee. Surprisingly it was good, very durian and the aroma is just perfect.  We also had their ice tea, red velvet cake and macaroons – all in their most palatable taste.


Breakfast at Cecils

Pasalubong Center

On the way to People's Park, we passed by Pasalubong Center. We dropped by to grab some souvenirs and pasalubong. The price range is fair, not far from those that you can grab at the malls, some are even cheaper.

People's Par

Since it was raining early that day, the sun shines gently making it a perfect time to stroll around the park. It was a very pleasant place to be, seen some kids playing and some lovers dating. The highlight of the park for me are the quirky miniatures of natives showing different kinds of local activities like fishing, harvesting, gardening and playing instruments.

Abreeza Mall

Had a quick first visit at Abreeza mall.

The Peak

Spent the night at The Peak. It is located at the top most level of Gaisano Davao. Good venue for a meal, merienda, good chats and site seeing.

Thats what we had for our Davao trip! It was short and I still want to do more. Whenever I get the chance I would make sure to visit Eden garden and do our very wish sky cycling adventure. Would also visit Samal to experience the best of it.



  1. yey! thanks for visiting our city. kulang pa yan. you have more to discover yet.

  2. lovely photos! I hope I can visit Davao soon. :)



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