Hong Kong - Macau : Day 1 and Prior

Sorry this month is our quarter end – we cannot approve your vacation leaves.

An appalling message I got three weeks before our flight. I was the brain of this trip so I’m worried about how I could make them proceed without me.

Then followed a long story of negations and waiting - fingers crossed. Finally they give up before me. #happykid


Two weeks later: 2am we left home and were at the Clark-Trinoma lounge by 2:30. The bus Left at exactly three and we were already at the airport by 4:35.

8:45AM – We had our first breath of Hong Kong air, it was cold – 16°c. It was way colder than we expected, it made us feel more foreign which is something that I guess we love to feel on our first overseas trip.

After having our peso changed in HKD, we headed straight to take a bus going to Tsim Sha Tsui. And that marks our first double decker bus experience. From the second deck of the bus we were able to take a peek of the view of Hong Kong, generally clean and pleasant and enriched of skyscrapers.

It took a little time for us to find our hotel - blame it on Google map. Good thing, a kind guard taught us the direction of the Building where the Guesthouse is located. My sister and Jac were able to quickly comprehend the direction that leads us to our temporary home – HK Tai San Guesthouse at Harilela Mansion.

We checked in our stuff and off we go to our first day tour.

Victoria’s Peak:

Ladies Market & random strolling:

Our Dinner and the Original Chinese Style Fried Chicken:

Before we finally went to sleep, we had a good chat of our observations and realizations few of which are.
"Hong Kong's transportation is superb!"
"Being in a country where in you can't hardly understand the language is challenging yet equally exciting."
"Give your self a favor, speak like locals or at least try to. :) - they call elevator a lift and washroom a toilet."
"I find them boring and monotonous, but I realized they were just so busy"
"Greet them in their language - that makes most of them smile"
"I felt in-love with their country, but fallen deeper in-love with our happy culture :)"

-Lights off-

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  1. Came across your blog whilst looking for sample itinerary. Will be in Hongkong this November and hope we'll enjoy the trip as much as you did! :)

    1. I am positive you will :) it's such a nice place. Enjoy!

  2. Great article! Will be going to HK this November too and wonder how the weather is during that month?

  3. Nice blog you have we will use it on our travel this April in Hongkong and Macau


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