Hong Kong Day 2 - The Giant Buddha and Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cable.

On our second day in Hong Kong our first struggles were about food, we are craving for a rice meal breakfast and yet we can’t find a single store selling one. I woke up at 4:30am (which is really ridiculous for such bed-y weather) and roamed around for breakfast and was really happy to catch a McDonald’s store open 24/7. But the store doesn’t have any rice meals which we think we need most for the entire day, so I had a bowl of soup instead which is already good for me but not for my other two companions.

We rode a bus to North of Lantau as we originally planned because we want to experience the trip and the view going there and were not interested in taking the cable car back and forth. The trip was quite far, it took us about two hours, the road and the view was a treat and the price is cheaper which makes it a very good choice.

Upon reaching the place, the village is unrecognizable as the hill and the Giant Buddha which is the famous landmarks were hiding in the thick fogs. There is almost nothing to be seen of the structure unless you get close to the foot of the Buddha, which is why we decided to push the climb. The numerous flights of stairs were easy, perhaps because of the cold weather.

The tour inside the Giant Buddha is a very interesting one, we enjoyed it. Going down we bought some souvenir and enjoyed the dim sum lunch that comes together with the ticket we had for the Giant Buddha entrance.

Next thing is touring the Ngong Ping Village, it was larger than I expected, and we haven’t toured the entire place as we decided to proceed to the Ngong Ping 360 for a ride back to Tung Chong after an almost 30 minutes of strolling. We had the Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin on our way back; it is so much of a challenge for us who were most of the time terrified of heights – most especially me. But we did it and this ride I would say is nothing short of fun. Awesome and memorable, I enjoyed sitting on the glass floor for pictures – seemed like I was levitating.

Back to Tung Chong, the big Citygate outlet mall welcomed us, calling for shopping which is out of plan yet we ended doing for about four hours (losers). It’s really a girly thing, and nice to see a real sale up for grabs, we fill a couple of big bags for our family and for ourselves too without a single regret.

We were able to reach back to our hotel at around 5:30PM so we had time to put our tired muscles to rest for a while and had some early dinner before going to the harbor for the Symphony of Lights and Avenue of Stars. The harbor is less than 15 minutes’ walk away from HK Taisan so going there was easy breezy.


The Symphony of light was quite boring, maybe because of the foggy weather. Next day is a day in Macau.

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  1. So early to wake up but I'm glad you had such an exciting day! Your pictures are amaaazing.

  2. It's always worth it 'eh?

    I am terrified just looking at your photos from the 360 crystal cabin! I remember sa Bohol di ba may parang ganyan pero hindi glass but like just see-through yung baba with net and mesh and lahat na lol and that really sunk my tyan hahaha! pano pa toh!?

    Looks like a very very good trip sis!

  3. hi, how was the bus ride going to ngong ping village? hindi ba sya kahilo? will be in HK this Dec with family (seniors) and want to experience the bus and crystal cable.

    thanks and wish you more memorable and enjoyable trips!


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