Siquijor Travel Guide, 3 Days and 2 Nights Itinerary and Expense

Siquijor Travel Guide, 3 Days and 2 Nights Itinerary and Expense
Expense Total
Expense Per Pax
Day 1
8:00AM - 9:15AM Airfare Manila - Dumaguete and vice versa                      2,795.00                      1,397.50
9:15AM - 9:45AM Dumaguete Airport to City proper                          120.00                            60.00
9:45AM - 10:45AM Breakfast at Sans Rival                          250.00                          125.00
11:00AM - 1:00PM Dumaguete Port to Siquijor Port                          175.00                          175.00
Terminal Fee                            25.00                            25.00
1:00PM - 1:30PM Siquijor Port to Tori's Backpacker's Paradise                          200.00                          100.00
1:30PM Check in at Tori's Backpacker's Inn                      1,000.00                          500.00
2:00PM - 3:00PM Late Lunch                          180.00                            90.00
3:00PM - Onwards Free time / R&R                                   -                                     -  
Day 2
6:00AM - 4:00PM Tour                      1,000.00                          500.00
Enchanted Balete Tree and Fish Spa                                   -                                     -  
San Isidro Labrador Church in Lazi Siquijor                                   -                                     -  
San Isidro Labrador Convent                                   -                                     -  
Cambugahay Falls (20Php Parking fee for trycicles)                            20.00                            10.00
Breakfast/Lunch (Including the driver)                          545.00                          273.00
Salagdoong Beach (40Php Parking fee for trycicles)                            40.00                            20.00
Tulapas Marine Santuary                                   -                                     -  
St. Francis of Assisi Church                                   -                                     -  
Capilay Spring Park                                   -                                     -  
Pasalubong Center                          200.00                          200.00
4:00PM - 4:30PM Snacks                            92.00                            46.00
5:30PM - 6:30PM Sunset Viewing at San Juan Beach with Beer :)                          120.00                            60.00
7:30PM - 8:00PM Dinner                          220.00                          110.00
Day 3
7:00AM - 7:30AM Breakfast                          120.00                            60.00
7:30AM - 8:00AM Tori's Backpacker's Paradise to Siquijor Port                          200.00                          100.00
8:30AM - 10:15AM Siquijor to Dumaguete                          400.00                          200.00
10:30AM - 10:45AM Siquijor Port to Café Antonio                            18.00                               9.00
10:45AM - 12:30PM Lunch at Café Antonio                          395.00                          197.50
1:00PM - 2:30PM Pasalubong at Sans Rival                      1,060.00                          530.00
2:30PM - 3:00PM San's Rival to Airport                          200.00                          100.00
Airport Terminal Fee                          300.00                          150.00
Total                      5,038.00
***Please note that the time listed were not the actual time instead it’s the closest estimated time.

Places to visit which are accessible via tricycle tour.

Churches: San Isidro Labrador Church, San Isidro Labrador Convent, St. Augustine Church, Our Lady of Devine Providence, St. Vicente De Ferrer Bell Tower, San Francis of Assisi Church
Travelling Dumaguete - Siquijor-6634

Beaches: Siquijor, San Juan, Kagusuan, Salagdoong
Travelling Dumaguete - Siquijor-6553

Caves: Cantabon Cave (Restricted to tricycles as of Nov. 2014 – ask tourism office for updates.)

Falls: Cabugahay Falls
Travelling Dumaguete - Siquijor-6544

Others: Enchanted Balete Tree, Capilay Spring Park, Tulapos Marine Sanctuary, Guiwanon Spring Park
Travelling Dumaguete - Siquijor-6518

How to Get There: (Via Manila - Dumaguete - Siquijor and Manila - Cebu - Siquijor)

Provincial Tourism and Important Contacts

Mode of Transportation: There were tricycles and multicabs for inland public transport. For touring, you may avail of the tour from the hotels and travel agencies, you may also rent a tricycle for a day and rates will depend on the number of spots you want to visit, or rent a motorbike which is 300.00-350.00/day and you pay for the + gas. Motorbike is the best option for those who has a drivers  license and know how to drive because spots there are many places to see that are not accessible with tricycles.
Travelling Dumaguete - Siquijor-6630

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  1. Amazing place! I am planning to go to Siquijor alone and a bit nervous! Thank you for this very helpful post.

    1. wow! its going to be exciting :) enjoy!

  2. Thanks for this informative post! Planning to stay there for 3D2N soon as well. May I know if accessibility to restaurants/convenience stores in the San Juan area won't be a problem? Are they walkable from each other or is there quite a distance that I would have to hail a ride? I'm a bit concerned on how to go about at night. Thank you!

  3. I have been there recently, so here is my information about siquijor
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