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Talipanan Beach, Puerto Galera Travel Guide.

Photo grabbed from my IG: @8teen7

Although Puerto Galera is a famous destination from Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces, I still stumbled upon many who’s been asking about how to get specifically to Talipanan Beach and how much it would cost. Perhaps because the White Beach, Aninuan and Sabang are more famous than this little stretch or they just never heard of it.

Like what I’ve mentioned on my previous post, I just saw a photo of this beach in Instagram and then I took a snap of it together with the location then decided to have the trip. Planning and travelling here is as simple as that as well, below are the details of how to get to Talipanan to guide you.


From Cubao you may take any bus bound to Batangas Pier (Batangas Port), for our trip we took an ALPS bus, their bus terminal is located near the Ali Mall and Farmers Cubao, fare is 174.00Php while the travel time is roughly around two hours.


There were only few shipping lines who travel straight to Talipanan, based on the guide given to us by the resort owner Gallerian Shipping has its direct trip however we failed to catch the last trip so we were told by the shipping line agents to take Minolo Shipping Lines instead. Fare is 600.00/pax two way. Travel Time is around two hours as well.

NOTE: MSL didn’t dock directly at Talipanan as all their trips docks as Muelle since it was a low season. They provide a shuttle to Talipanan and back to Muelle which is included in the price above.


Alighting the bus from Batangas port will give you the first hint on how to reach the island as you will be greeted by many shipping line staff that will offer you their service. You can always entertain them, as far as my experience they are legit and was helpful. Ask them for the rate and compare with the others, most of the time they give some discounts for groups of five and up.


During low seasons, shipping lines cut their trips which gives you a fewer options to go straight Talipanan. Minolo Shipping Lines didn’t dock directly at Talipanan as all their trips docks as Muelle since it was a low season. They provide a shuttle to Talipanan and back to Muelle which is included in the price above.

If you can’t catch deals alike, you may take a tricycle going to Talipanan, below are special rates based on what I remember:

      Aninuan to Talipanan – 50.00
      White Beach to Talipanan – 100.00
      Muelle to Talipanan – 200.00


Below are the list of accommodations that we considered when we took our trip here.
       Amami Beach Resort
      Contact Number: 09082068534
      Rates starts at 1,500.00

      Luca's Cucina Italiana & Lodge
      Contact Number: 09164175125,  0917-7925263
      Rates: Starts from 1,300.00

      Mountain Beach Resort
      Contact Number: 0917-5620842
      Rates: Starts from 1,300.00

      Mengie’s  White Sand Beach Resort
      Contact Number: 0920-4032173
      Rates starts at 700.00

      Bamboo House
      Contact Number: 0917-5620992
      Rate: Starts from 1,300.00

      El Canonero Beach Resort
      Contact Number: 0906-4878397
      Rates starts at 1,500.00


We’ve only tried dining at two food houses here and it’s at Mengie’s and Luca Italian Restaurant. There were some more options along the stretch which you may want to explore.

Mengie's serve a really good home cooked Filipino and some international dishes, their menu are well priced and their servings were generous. We ate most of our meals here and we enjoyed them to bits.

Luca Italian Restaurant, per name specializes on Italian dishes. We loved their Pizza and Pasta, and would say that indeed it’s a gem of Talipanan.  At first I thought it was really expensive but after dining I must say that we definitely had what we’ve paid for. Nice view and good food is heaven on earth.


I have listed some activities we could enjoy during our stay in Talipanan. Here’s the list.

      Island Hopping
      Fish Feeding
      Trek to Talipanan Falls
      Trip to Tamaraw Falls
      Trip to Tukuran Falls w/ Carabao Cart Ride
      Went to White Beach for a quick Night Life
      Banana Boat Ride
      Jet skiing
      And my favorite… lay down and relax.

Note: I am not sharing any further information about my list since I haven’t tried most of them. Hope to get a chance to visit and by then maybe I’ll have something to share.

That’s all for now! Enjoy the summer and be safe!


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