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On my previous post I've mentioned about travelling with my mom, aunt and grandmother to Cebu for a late mother's day celebration. The trip went alright except that my grandmother decided not to join us during the last minute. I bet it could be so much fun with her though. Despite that, I am still very thankful it went well.

The trip began with a very good lunch at CNT Lechon in Cebu before we headed to a relative's house where we stayed. We spent an hour there catching up while enjoying one of Cebu's famous dishes before heading to my Uncle's apartment where we stayed.

After fixing our things and a quick rest. At around one in the afternoon we hired a cab to Taoist Temple and enjoyed the exquisite scenery at the top. They were able to try the stone tossing ritual which is believed to have a predictive functionality. It is held in front of the altar where taking photos are restricted. Full instructions on how to do the ritual is provided at the same level where the activity is being held.

Note: Please observe silence and do not take photos in the area where it is being restricted to pay respect on their beliefs.

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Shortly after the temple visit, we went to the City for a quick walking tour. We went first to Magellan's cross, but it was closed that day for renovation so we decided to just take the obligatory shot with the famous spot at the back. Then to Basilica del Sto. Niño which is a stone throw away from Magellan's cross.

Basilica del Santo Niño is the mother of all churches in the Philippines, it is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the country founded in 1569. This is my second time here, first was last 2011 - couple of years before its bell tower collapsed from the earthquake. For the benefits of my mom and aunt, I made sure to have a saved image of the Basilica on my phone from my first visit. Good thing because the front part was almost entirely blocked by the constructions and repairs going on that time.

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Moving on, we headed to St. Williams Cathedral, this is the pure white church a couple of blocks away from Basilica del Santo Niño. We walked straight passing Shamrock and Colon Street. From Colon Street we had a quick glance of the Heritage of Cebu Monument which was located a few meters away. I asked them if they wanted to visit Sandiego-Yap Ancestral which is also a minute walk from where we're at but they decided not to as they were already so excited to try the go-kart.

From Colon Street, we hired a cab to Cabahug St. I told the driver that we were heading to Kartzone but he seems unfamiliar of the place until I've mentioned the street name which reminded him of the racing area. I'll let you know the details of their go-karting experience on a separate post later.

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Done with the go-karting adventure and some snacks at Cebu Karztone, we went back to Colon Street to check the night market. It starts at 6PM but I am not sure what time it closes. The market sells really cheap RTWs, you can also find some souvenirs sold cheaply like Cebu key chains and fridge magnets. The scene was nothing different from the ones you see in Divisoria and Ladies Market in Hongkong as I have experienced them except I guess for the volume of crowds.

After that, we took a jeepney to Fuente Osmena Circle where one of the Shamrock store is located. They wanted to shop for some delicacies that they can bring home before having dinner. After hoarding some otap, dried mangoes, barquillos and some that I forgot the name we had our dinner at the closest food chain - McDonald's.

It was a quick day, mom, aunt and my uncle-ninong had so much fun and awe moments. Lights off at 12 midnight for an early morning trip to Simala and Moalboal the next day.

For those who think of going to Moalboal after visiting Simala Shrine, tune in to my next post for the details.

Xoxo :)

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  1. I am sorry that she didn't end up going. It is always disappointing when plans change last minute. I am glad you had a good time though! It looks like a wonderful place.

    1. so true dear!!! but yeah, we had so much fun. Hope you can visit PH someday.

  2. I hope you guys didn't miss eating lechon! cebuchon is the best!

  3. where did you stay on Cebu City? :) Thank you!

  4. Hi this is such a good post about Cebu...there are many more things to see in Cebu and tourism is getting better as the years go by.. hope you enjoyed your stay here.

  5. Great capture for Toaist Temple.. I hope you've visited other temple as well closed to that place.

  6. Hi! I would just like to ask for the rate for the Kart? Thanks!

  7. Cebu is one of the best place you could be. It has many beautiful tourist destination and places of fun.

  8. Nice shots! May I ask what Camera did you use? Your shots are so vivid.

    1. Thank you :) GoPro gamit ko then color enhancement using lightroom.

  9. We can see that this trip was quite busy for you. It is wonderful that you managed to visit many places that brought you to a real delight.

  10. According to what I can see, your adventured trip to Cebu was unforgettable! It does not matter how much time it takes to get this place, I'd probably take such a tour!

  11. I like very much the culture of Asia. It gives me pacification and understanding of all worldly existence

  12. It is magical place. Thanks for sharing this photos. I even remembered my little adventure five years ago.