My 2015.

"Today, as I turn 28, I thank the heavens for this year, this blog, and my beautiful readers."

Hello all lakwacheras!!! It’s been a while, yeah? Just wanted to drop by to express how I miss this blog. I wish I could write down my year ender obligatory post but it was such a busy month, way busier than my previous Decembers.

I am finishing an entourage for a Caleruega wedding this 29th, it's something that I wished for and it came earlier than I expected, so I am burning all my energy for it right now. Plus, just left the company that I worked with for more than six years and here I am humbled by my new job with a new company.

My 2015 evolves around building long term goals and a few trips which I wish I could share next year. For now, I’d like to thank you all for the continuous visit. Got a few but very valuable message asking for updates and new stories and those mean so much for me. I love sharing more than writing so I hope I could get those mojo back soon.

I have less travel plans for next year and have less books in line to read. I have to set priority so I could afford more travels and more books to read soon. Slowing down doesn't always mean that I am about to stop, sometimes it just means that I am preparing for a stronger launch.

For those who wonder what's up next, here are something to look forward to for next year – stories from Koronadal South Cotabato, Kidapawan City, Burot Beach Batangas, Taal Batangas, Tagaytay’s Second visit, and continuation of my Cebu series.

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Advance Happy new year!! May His grace be with us all this Yuletide season and forever.



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