My ma-ARTeng weekend at Pinto Art Museum

We’ve been hearing much about the Pinto Art Museum and its picturesque set-up, we even scheduled a visit here for a photoshoot which ended up in Pampanga.

Last weekend though, having nothing to do after lunch, we decided to go straight to Pinto Art Museum from SM East Ortigas. We took a van going to Antipolo and ask the driver to drop us at the Ynares Sports Arena (Fare:Php30.00) and then hailed a tricycle to the museum for Php60.00.

The travel time is around 20-30 minutes from SM East Ortigas to Ynares then 10-15minutes from Ynares to Pinto Art Museum. We were dropped at the entrance of the museum where all the private vehicles of other guest were parked and proceed to the entrance gate then fall in line. Entrance fee is Php200.00 for regular visitors, Php180.00 for senior citizens and Php100 for student with ID while children 3 years old and below are free. Then, with the map and guide on hand from the registration area, off we start our Artistic tour.

Overwhelmed by both the crowd and the visual treats, I got busy on concentrating and enjoying the museum’s collection and forgot to take a lot of pictures considering the numbers of picture-worthy spots.

The Mediterranean-inspired architectural design was nothing short of visual playground, the white-washed wall, wooden doors, gardens, brick wall, all crafted carefully to register in the photo like it was taken by a pro even by just simply pointing and shot.

The entire place is spacious with bits of something that will stir your imagination or inspire you which by the way helped us since we seriously need this after losing our mojo on a lot of things that we enjoy doing before after being so busy at work for almost a year now.

We roamed around spontaneously and though there were crowd everywhere, some arts are just too beautiful to miss. Some of these are the contemporary Filipino arts.

Having to love fashion and clothing, I can’t surely miss the amazement of getting a close encounter to some of the oldest materials from our natives.

We’ve gone to all of their galleries and was visually full after an hour. A very promising collection of painting from various local artists, which make me wish I could at least create a piece that will be worthy of a space in one of their galleries. I especially love the Indigenous Art gallery where they showcase the Philippines ethnic arts, from accessories, clothing, condiments and eccentric wood carvings.

We also went and had a quick look at their exhibit of paintings and mural arts, but never had the opportunity to indulge it due to the crowd, that typical expectations vs. reality seen. But not complaining though, thinking that the impressive number of visitors is a good indication of an opportunity to educate and allow people to appreciate the value of Philippine Art and Culture.

After a tiring tour, we thought of dining to one of their two café’s inside which both have a very cozy setting and mouth-watering menu, unfortunately both café were full and I was already hungry so instead of dining here, we went out for a snack.

The overall experience was worth it, I might go back there during weekdays and experience the rustic Pinto Café or Cafe Tan-Aw. The place is very picturesque and which is why almost everyone including myself was drawn to how charming it is that around 60% of the crowd were only there to take photos which sometimes of course can distract those who wanted to enjoy the collection. There were also few opportunities to improve as well, one thing is the missing labels, ensure their staff are equipped with the basic information that they can use to help spread awareness about the displays, crowd control – there was so much crowd to the point that it makes it almost impossible to impose some rules like the “no flash photography” and “do not touch the arts” which are very important if they truly wanted to preserve their collections. But to be fair, this is something that I wish visitor can manage as well by being responsible enough in reading and following guidelines.

Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St. Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal. The museum is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Tuesday to Sunday.


  1. Wow! This is an awesome piece of content. Very interesting art exhibit. I will visit the place in Antipolo and will do it on a weekday to avoid the crowd. Thanks Christeen for sharing this valuable info.


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