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MUCH REQUESTED TEMPLATE: ETEEAP Certificate of Proficiency..

 Hi guys! As you may have read, one of the assessment requirements for ETEEAP (as mentioned in my previous post ) is the Certificate of Proficiency or Competency. I have been getting questions if I can share a copy of my Certificate of Proficiency which unfortunately took me a year to locate and had time to post. So now, I am happy and proud to say that I found it and will be sharing it with everyone.  But, before that, please bear in mind the following notes: This is based on the template that I used in 2016, it worked for LPU at that time. But, some schools may have specific and or updated requirements. So kindly take this as a guide rather than an official template. The Certificate of Proficiency, based on what I remember from the ETEEAP requirement should come from your existing employer . It should be signed by your manager or someone higher.  Highlight Relevant Skills. In my case, I really aimed for business management so I included skills that are closely relevant to it. Inclu

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