One Azul Boracay - Another nice place to stay at Boracay Station 1.

One Azul Boracay was still under final furnishing when we first visited Boracay, this little hotel caught my attention because of its simple yet cozy structure. We ended up on the hotel beside it which is Mr. Holidays (see my post about Mr. Holidays Boracay). I was fully satisfied with the location, rates and the service back then, so, when I was asked to arrange a trip to Boracay with a couple spending their Honeymoon, the hotels around my first accommodation was at my top most list of choices for affordable and cheap beachfront accommodation/hotel in Boracay.

The couple is looking for a nice place to relax, preferably beach front and affordable (given that they just came from overwhelming wedding expenses). We made to settle on One Azul as our final choice, we booked the last remaining rooms which are 2 superior and 1 deluxe rooms. Everything was settled two weeks prior to the expected travel date via phone transaction and the 50% deposit was paid through their bank account. After the wedding, I myself thought of surprising the couple with something in the room on their first night but I don’t have any idea on how to do this, besides the next day is already the travel date which make it fall to be and late/urgent notice if ever. Still, I opted to take chances. I called the hotel and told them what I want which is simply a two dove kissing on the bed, petals forming a heart with a greeting that goes “Feliz Luna de miel! Eric & Jacky” in English “Happy Honeymoon! Eric & Jacky”- Eric and Jacky are both Filipinos living in Spain and went back to the country to get married.

Other than the additional service I asked them to at least make sure that everything in the room is in good condition like the air-conditioning and the hot and cold shower. My late notice was promised to be made by Tin – the front desk that I spoke to and I was initially thankful that they are willing to accommodate this extra service.
We arrived 7PM and as I was expecting that everything is already ready in the room, someone fetched us to help out with our baggage (something that I didn’t ask nor expected). Inside the room, I was grateful for what we saw, it wasn't what I exactly expected but it was exceptionally fine. Two doves kissing on the bed, petals where scattered, a greeting as I instructed, a bouquet of fresh flowers and a fruit basket. The couple was surprised and really happy (that’s what I want). Kudos to admin and staff! Really good job!

Room and the hotel services review: We stayed here for 4 days and 3 nights, the entire stay is perfectly fine, the rooms and its condition were good and seem to be very well maintained. Air-conditioning and the hot and cold shower is functioning well. We went to bed late so I don’t have any experience of noisy people around (or they might even not exist). The room boy always asks our permission to enter our room for cleaning and never forget to replace out towels. These are simple things that creates big differences.

Here are the photos of our room.

I, on behalf of Eric, Jacky’s and our other two companion would say that our stay here has been very satisfying. We never had any troubles on our room other than the fire signal on the couple’s room which is solved and attended promptly by the staff. The price is reasonable, definitely beach front, kind and accommodating staff, clean and nice room. Two thumbs up One Azul!

For Improvement on breakfast: The free meal should be taken in the food store in front which is “Gloria’s Kitchen”. For the guest from One Azul they only offer two options for free meal. 1. Continental Meal 2. Pancake Meal with an additional 30 pesos for fruits.The guest is given a choice to select other meal with additional charge on top of the 100.00 free meal budget. Most of us took another set of meal and pay for additional. On the three consecutive breakfasts we noticed that some were served other fruits like mango, watermelon and papaya but we are always given this little banana. On the second day I asked them if they can replace one of the banana with papaya or other fruits but they refused saying “ubos na” (nothing left). Before we finished our food, a group of people came and was served mangoes. Its fine to lie as long as you make sure your not gonna get caught.

 Now, I am not after the fruits at all, I can buy it anyway. I am after on how they treated and acted on us. On the third day the server created another explanation, she says that they only take what the kitchen gives and actually can’t do anything specially that it is free meal, but if a big and medium restaurants can grant some modification on their menu, why can’t they? Thinking that they only have two kitchen personnel that is a poke or an ass bump away from each other. Besides, we paid for additional – does it still fully considered as free? Either way I don’t think that guests should be treated that way. Okay – too long sound like rants. Sorry, they don’t have a manager to complain with and the hotel staff has a lot of guests to entertain when I settled our bill that I didn't bothered to raise this directly to them. But I bet they will be reading this and hope they will do something before our next trip lol. Its just the breakfast anyway. :)

One Azul Boracay Resort - Affordable Boutique Hotel
North Station 1, White Beach Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Malay 5608
0917 308 8262

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  1. You look gorgeous. Can you tell me if you are using a body sharper ?


  2. how much po ung room rates .. salamater

  3. Boracay really is the best place to go on a honeymoon. It is a dream come true for every couple to be on a paradise on their special day. Enjoying talaga kung nasa affordable at the same time luxurious place ka, samahan mo pa ng hospitable crews. You may want to check this: Boracay Deals Philippines

  4. Hi Ms. Christeen, just wanna ask for your suggestion. Which is better in your opinion? Mr Holidays or One Azul? Are they both beach front resorts Ms Christeen? Thank you!

    1. I'd go for One Azul :) yup both are located at the beach front.


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