A quick trip to Daranak Falls Tanay Rizal.

Last Saturday is very unexpected, we were invited by our officemates to Daranak Falls in Tanay Rizal. Having no plans for the weekend I interestingly asked how much is the budget and they surprissingly mentioned a very affordable figure (400.00/head).Well not bad, it’s actually a very good deal that it made me said yes without having second thoughts.

With little knowledge about Tanay I immediately googled for some information, I checked the photo and more about the place with so much interest because I haven’t gone into a falls yet. Yes, heard it right, though I love travelling it  never came to me to do waterfalling, I think it’s because my mom would always restrict us to do so when were kids.

Fishing on the web I learned that there are some other destination you can visit in Tanay including San Eldefonso Parish built in 1700, the Mt. Carmel Chapel, Batlag falls and Calinawan Cave to mention a few. That information fuels my excitement more and I asked them if we could see at least one of the other destinations and they said yes. So here we go! Tanay it is =)

With an hour and half or two via private vehicle from Eastwood heading East to Cainta, Angono, passing through Manila East Road (Binangonan and Morong) is the semi urbanized City of Tanay, nestling a competitive number of resorts to choose from like Momarco (which can be reached using the same route).

The travel is smooth and easy this time compared to our previous trip here, it only took us an hour and half then hurray!  I am now seeing and experiencing my first falls ever.

At the entrance you will have to pay 20.00 pesos for the entrance fee. Inside, there are huts and tables lent from 100.00 to 300.00 pesos. Clean comfort rooms and shower are charged 5.00 pesos per use. Inside is a store where you can buy snacks and basic swimming necessities like extra wears (e.g. shorts, sando) and plastic bags for wet clothes.

The place is clean and most of all they have life guards around, swimming float tube (salbabida) and life jackets can be barrowed for free.

The falls has two portion the main one which is way bigger, I can't tell how wide and high though. And, there's this smaller one a little to the front-side of the main falls, it wasn't that small for sure since it was able to occupy as all while we are cam-whoring, that's were we enjoyed since the main falls is too deep and too strong that time to dive in due to the heavy rains caused by habagat (southwest monsoon).
Daranak Falls exceeded my expectations; I enjoyed it more than I expected, in fact I just thought I just photo bummed too much! Pardon me for flooding selfie/OOTD shots.

Evidently, I am very satisfied with the falls alone, which is not the only destination that we manage to visit. After three hours of enjoying the cold water, we decided to pack up and visit Calinawan Cave which is 15-20 minutes away.

--------------------> Read about our Calinawan Cave Experience

Travel Date/Time: 09/14/2013 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Travel Tips:
  • Having a friend with a car is a real advantage.
  • Bring your own food (they don’t charge corkage).
  • Bring mosquito repellant.
  • Have your waterproof camera case/dry bag with you , just so you can take it with you while your swimming to avoid losing it to the arm of others :P
How did we manage our budget?
Van Rental (courtesy of our workmate).
240.00/each (9pax-
including the gas)
Daranak Entrance Fee 
20.00/ each (adult rate)
Table Rental/parking
25.00/ each
Calinawan Cave Entrance Fee 
Calinawan Cave Giude Fee 
125.00/ each (entire trip)
455.00 / Each - Travel Expense 

Should I recommend this trip? OFCOURSE YES! This is the cheapest, quickest, and funniest trip I ever had so far. We’ve even manage to have our Saturday night out after. ;)
How about you? been to Daranak or any falls in the country? any suggestions for my second waterfalling?


  1. Beautiful photos.. This is a cool place to relax! :)

  2. Wow kakagaling ko lang din jan kaso di kami naligo kasi nag ocular visit lang kami. malakas din ang current ng tubig that time

    1. Awts sayang - it sooo fun!

    2. Pero Ok lang, nanghihinayang lang ako sa Batlag Falls kasi mahal ng Entrance, baka One of these days, mag camping ako dun kasi pwede daw overnight dun

    3. Nakita mo ba yung Batlag? Kasi ako hindi - kasi daw me inaayos that time. Ayaw nila kaming papasukin.

  3. Hi. Galing kame jan sa daranak. Ask ko lang f ung entrance ng calinawan cave ehh mauuna po dba bago yung sa daranak? Si kasi kame sure

  4. Wow interesting place... ang lapit lang! :)

  5. Wow interesting place... ang lapit lang! :)

  6. Pwedi ba mag overnight dyan? And magkano rent?
    Hehe panu dn ba pmunta dyan?

  7. pano pala parking ng car or motorcycl?


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