Calinawan Cave Tanay Rizal

Calinawan Cave is one of the most accessable destination from the metro that will give you an entirely different air. I, personally can't believe that I just travel a couple of hours to reach such tranquil spot - a very promising destination that makes me wander more. Wander if we can add more years to these places' life span?

Calinawan cave is a cave found in Brgy. Tandang, Kutyo, Tanay Rizal - it is named after the historical event where Filipino settled and agreed on their disputes between Spanish Revolutionaries, the agreement promises "linaw" a Filipino word for clarity (the bisayan word "kalinawan" means "peace" suits very well too). From what I have seen, the part that was opened for spelunking is just a small part - and yes it is, according to our guide the cave is composed of seven levels and only two were open as the others are not yet explored. The cave was privately managed until  last year (2012)when they collaborated with DOT.

Currently, the cave  can be toured in a 20-30 minutes walk depending on your pace, they charge 100.00 per tour guide and 20.00 for the entrance fee per head. We were nine that time and was suggested to be accompanied by two tour guides.

Like my expectations the first  couple of minutes was amazing, dark new sights of stalagmites and stalactites welcomed us.

Later, you can see few stones peeking and glimmering our way - they're few but they are so pretty.

Few minutes and the guide explains the glitters that are visible on a strike of our flashlights - he mentioned that those are the natural minerals appearing like crystals. Then he pointed to a spot with too many glitters and said "that part is not natural anymore - you can see its different, the glitters are larger than those crystal you found in the other stones" he pauses and said "those were crystal glued by the production of Imortal - a local tv series that shot here a year ago".

 Glittering Natural Minerals on Stalagmites

 Left is painted and the right is not.

Gray paint and glued glitters.

Upon hearing I was totally shocked and crushed, as in heart broken. I haven't gone to any other caves but I know how stalactites and stalagmites are formed even before the words of the guide - I know that they are made through years and not just year - but many years.

Another few steps and I thought I'm gonna see bats considering that we have gone quite far, but there was none. Instead we have sighted few props from another TV series who use it as a venue, then we have seen gray walls - the cave walls that was painted by the same TV show who glued some glitters on it. I hate being cynical but given how lenient they are to those who use this place as a venue, I wouldn't be surprise hearing one day that this spot is already a cave of props and trashes - i really wish not though.

Abandoned Bat Condo.

Silver Paints on the wall.

Moving on, a lot of part in our journey here are promising and wonderful. Count in the experience, the beauty and history peeking beneath those walls, the other part that are still untouched and the green lush outside the cave, they all worth the appreciation and visit. We went out oohed by many different things including the awry revelation of reality.

This spot is second and last spot that we manage to visit in our 8 hours Trip in Tanay last saturday (09/14/2013). The first on is Daranak Falls.

Visit my previous post here for travel tips and our expense details.

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Other places to visit in Tanay are:
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  • Mt. Carmel Chapel
  • Batlag Falls
  • San Eldifonso Parish (1700)
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  • and many resorts to choose from (e.g. Momarco)


  1. Hi, we're also bringing our car. Where should we park? We want to go to Daranak & Batlag Falls, & Calinawan. Should we park at Daranak jump off, swim at Daranak and Batlag first, then after shower, we head to Calinawan? Or should we go to Calinawan first, park for a while, then go to Daranak and Batlag? Which one is a better plan kaya?

  2. Pwede bang kumuha ng crystal sa loob ng cave??

  3. May Entrance Fee po ba and Guide Fee?


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