Overjoyed and bountiful.

Wow! That year 2013! Just a few days ago when I had my year ender post published ahead and now it had already made its wonderful exit. Its officially 2014 and allow me to greet and wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!!!

After six long years, I finally get the chance to spend my birthday, Christmas and New Year with my family. It was pocket wrecking but the turnout is priceless. I always felt that there could never be a better way to start the year than having medianoche with your love ones.

We brought our family closer to work and decided to welcome the year at Eastwood City. I booked a condo (cheaper and more efficient than a hotel for big groups – will post about this seperately) that can accommodate six which is steps away from the event venue of EastwoodNYE2014. It is their first time to spend New Year in such way and it was really nice that they have enjoyed it.

Polka dots like you’ve never had before ;)

It's my third time spending the new year here in Eastwood City, and this year's countdown was great. While the crowd started to fill the entire plaza Up Dharma Down and Southborder with Luke Mejares serenades and kept everyone awake as we waited for the countdown. An hour before the clock hits midnight Bamboo (a local singer, one of my favorite) came in and heat-up all the party goers. Jessica Sanchez of American Idol took over the stage for the last 15 minutes.

The the countdown started when the clock hits 20 seconds before midnigh, everyone chanted the each remaining seconds until its 00:00:00 01/01/2014. Then the place was roared by the crowd's instantaneous greetings of "Happy new year". Purple and white baloons with confetti fell to the ground while celebrators releases their hand held ballons up into the sky like those of sky lanterns.The 15 minute display of fireworks burst up in the sky creating a beautiful riot of sounds, color and lights.

This photo was the photo that I use to launch my Project 365. Please follow and visit my 2014 snapshot chronicle at: ChristeenCereno2014

Just right after that, we walked back to our accomodation, had our medianoche and celebrated the New Year overjoyed and bountiful.


  1. Oh my gosh! That looked so much fun. I love your dress. Great post! I hope you'll have a wonderful new year. More power to your blog!


  2. Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true sweetie!

  3. Wow, amazing shots! Looks like you had a great NYE. Happy 2014!

  4. So pretty.
    Happy new year,dear. ;-)

  5. I can't imagine spending New Year not at home ... traditionally we spend it at home but its fascinating to see how other people spend it ... in hotels, at New Years parties ...

    Glad you had a good one. :)


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