2013 - my 25th year.

Feliz navidad everyone! today marks the first day of my 26th year so I decided to take this as a wonderful timing to reckon the things that happened on my 25th year and 2013 which will culminate in a few days. This year in general has been very blissful; it has been full of sweet surprises, achievements and lessons. I had a fair share of professional and travel ventures which fuels me to dream more for the coming years.

My 2013 started so busy, I had a bride January 5th and closed a bridal deal for April. It was a month of work after work after work. But, January was great! I travelled weeklong in Ilocos juggling both professional and personal responsibilities. Despite that, our journey has been way so unforgettable and fun.

February the month of hearts; I spent the time working on a bridal gown for April, having their invitation and giveaways done, organizing their honeymoon (with me in Boracay) and of course planning ahead my summer vacation.

Boracay station 1 affordable beach front hotel _ one azul 4

Comes March; the most hectic part of a restless dreamer. Furnishing my bridal gown, coping with all of my logs for Ilocos series and as usual spent week nights at work.

April was a big happy month! I finally met my client, able to visit the place where in my surname is so redundant for the first time - Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. Also had my first sleepers bus experience on the same event.

Boracay Activities Parasailing DSC_0388

On the same month we were able to celebrate Jac’s birthday and summer vacation in Boracay. My month-long effort to make a happy couple come true and that was just so perfect. I was the happiest girl on earth that time!

In May, unexpected invitations for products reviews and bloggers event came in. I really wish to do well in blogging and writing but pushing too hard on it is never my strategy. I want to take it easy, fun and maintain my site to be very personal that is why I am taking those opportunity with proper moderation.

Ironically, I don’t have a bride for June which is the month of weddings. This month I spent time focusing a on work to maintain balance. This was the end of the fiscal year for our client and extended time at the office is required for the entire month. It was exhausting but at sometimes fulfilling because I was able to comply with the business' expectations.

July - I was able to come back to Camarines Norte; the travel that taught me that sometimes you just have to be there. I had a chance to spend another day with the two of the most special person in my life. This was the first time for the past 20 years that they were able to see us three (me and my two sisters) altogether.

Labo and Tulay na Lupa, Daet Camarines Norte Diary  2971Labo and Tulay na Lupa, Daet Camarines Norte Diary  3034

August – was more of a pampering month. Not that busy and was able to relax a lot! First time to watch horror movie with my sisters on big screen and to tell you what – that is going to be the last time we are doing it :P

My first caving and waterfalling experience came in the month of September. This mini adventure we had inspired me so much to see more of the world’s wonder and experience new things. It’s a month of friendships, love and bonding. Also meet my long-lost BF that month.

Daranak Falls - Tanay Rizal 3368Calinawan Cave - Tanay RIzal 3441 (2)
Cassy’s Crestening Dress 459_o
On the same month - I had my first ever youngest client too.

October was a month of socialization, spent time with my team mates. On the same month, I started planning on for a healthier lifestyle then came my love for detox water.

Momarco Resort, Tanay Rizal - Team building 3779

Then comes November, I admit this was a very sad month to a lot of the Filipinos while it was a perfect blend of joy and sorrow for me. The blend was so perfect that I too was so confused wether to smile or cry. This month was the month when the strongest typhoon (Yolanda/Haiyan) in the history hit the central part of the country. While everyone is still recovering from the disaster, right after the typhoon was declared out or the countries area of responsibility I stepped on my flight to start my Mindanao Trip.

Butuan City, Agusan del Norte 3807

Selfish it may sound that I never cancelled my trip despite the opportunity to help instead of relax, but that was a trip planned a year before with a purpose of getting together with the entire familly for the first time after five years. I visited Butuan, Surigao and Davao and thought the weather is quite uncooperative due to another typhoon coming (Zoraida) we were able to make this journey rewarding and life changing. As planned, the last 5 days of the trip was spent with my family. Something that I was so thankful I did because if not, we would have missed our very last chance to see, talk, visit and laugh with our great grandmother who passed away at the age of 98 on the 3rd day after our arrival in Kidapawan. It was sad, but I am glad we were able to see her for the last time. That trip was written in the stars long before we did it.

Now its December, my birth month baby! Started with cleaning clutches on our long left house and donating old stuff to the church and to an organization that directly deliver goods needed by the survivors of the typhoon. I felt like this months's essence is giving and family bonding, so we decided to have my family spent their vacation here in Manila with us since we hardly need to work during the holidays.

Right after I got back from work, I was surprised of a big change that may alter a lot of my daily mundane. It’s a move up for my professional responsibility. It’s a challenge that I am so afraid to take but something that I couldn’t decline since it will surely define my growth.

Summing up, 2013 was such a remarkable year for me!!! It has molded me in that short span of time; it brought me timeless and myriad worth of wisdom and knowledge. I can’t thank this year enough and you guys for being with me in this amazing journey!






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  1. Great year, Christeen! More travels and opportunities in 2014! 😊

  2. i love that tricycle shot! and of course the one with your family.

    merry Christmas & a happy 2014!
    cheers to more travels and adventures in the coming years!

    1. Thanks po docgelo :) Same here, merry christmas and a happy new year! Cheers for 2014!

  3. love that tricycle shot. and of course the one with your family.

    merry Christmas and a happy 2014!
    cheers to more safe travels & adventures!

  4. Wonderful post. ;-)
    Merry Christmas...

  5. Your 2013 was so awesome. Have a great year ahead!

    1. Thank you Ervin :) you also have a great year ahead!

  6. Hello, just I met your blog!! nice to meet you :)
    Nice pics, and lovely blog :)
    I wish you amazing holidays. Hope enjoy these days!

  7. What an eventful year with so many highlights. Hope that 2014 will be filled with blessings, happiness and good health.

    1. Thank you Anouka! Same wish for your this year!

  8. Blissful year, indeed! Belated happy birthday :) More insane adventures for 2014!

    1. Awwww thank you Gay! welcome to my blog :) More insane adventure to us!

  9. Kudos to a very fulfilling year.. Didn't know that you were a fashion designer. Tama ba? :) Patingin ako ng portfolio soon? Malay mo, ikaw kunin ko sa future wedding ko...hehe! But on a serious note.. I'm glad that you've been able to gather so many opportunities this year. Here's to my travels and bridal bookings dear!

    I hope to meet you in person soon! Happy New Year!
    -Mai of budgetbiyahera.com

    1. Hi Miss Budget Biyahera!!! Fashion designing is a sideline lang po, still aspiring to become a fully grown one hehe. Welcome to my blog po pala and thank you for the well wishes!!! Happy New Year and I also look forward to meeting you soon.

  10. Vigan looks beautiful at night. That's also what I'm planning to experience - hopefully, this year!

    I was actually in Kidapawan for a project when Yolanda struck. So you came there just after I left. May your grandmother's soul rest in peace.

    Here's to more adventures on 2014!

    1. Hi Clair! What project do you have in Kidapawan po? welcome to my blog and I wish to meer you soon in person. Cheers!

  11. Whatever calamities we face, we always manage to have the brightest smile!

    Happy 2014 to you! :-)

  12. Awesome 2013, Christeen! 2014 will be as, at least, bright and fun-filled. Cheers! :)

  13. Awesome year! ang sarap ng parasailing...
    Here's to more travels and adventures this year.
    Cheers! :)

  14. Ang saya naman ng 2013 mo Christeen! More travels and opportunities this 2014! I love the Ilocos part. hehe..

  15. i miss you my friend, and i envy you because despite of your hectic schedule you can still manage to go to different places, mwaah mwaah tsup tsup tyn!


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