Senyorita Lakwachera's 2014

I was about to go to sleep when I remembered the date - 12/31/2014 - the last day of 2014. Suddenly, I started reckoning things that happened during this year, I jotted it down to arrange it in order. In my note appears this - Senyorita Lakwachera's 2014.
International Destinations

2 International Destinations

1. Hong Kong

2. Macau



1. My year started with joyful days with my family, remember I posted about us having to spend the new year countdown together after how many years.


2. I passed the ETEEAP (Extended Tertiary Education and Equivalency program) of CHED.

3. On the same month, my dream for more than six years finally came true! I am back to college 😍 and I am the happiest student in town!


4. First time to fly internationally! Our two international destinations also happen to be our first ever international flight.

5. First ever successful backpacking. Yeah, I've been travelling light, but with a small luggage, never with a backpack until last March! And was back packing since then 😃! Awesome!

6. I conquered height! Shameful to share that I did not survive Cebu's Sky walk 😣. It was terrible, my head aches and I wanted to puke when I stared down from the glass floor. But when I surrender, doesn't mean that I am not going to fight any more, just looking for a perfect timing and opportunity maybe. So when I planned our HK-Macau trip the NgongPing360 Crystal Cable ride was right at the top of the list. That time I have more source strength as I was not only with my partner but also with my sisters. The height was indeed dizzying and I blushed so much trying to sit on the glass at a max height of 650mtrs above the ground. But I was able to make it! I was never less thankful we made it.


7. Another one heck of a ride! We went to Alviera Sandbox in Porac Pampanga for its media preview. I was with Jac and my adrenaline-junkie-wannabe cousin. I was extremely excited with the giant swing, later became extremely nervous then finally wrecked my guts to the extreme experience. It was my first time to have an extreme ride like this, and to tell you, my tears flowed like a river without me even noticing it. 😂😂😂


8. Heads down. Student life. Was able to complete 3 General education subject and one Major subject. Not bad for a corporate girl and a lakwatsera.

Bragging101 =)


<nothing here, we were dead busy at work>


9. Health month! This month I discovered a lot about myself, the things I want, things I hate, thing that makes me feel happy and those that doesn't. The month when I started going to the gym, learning yoga and practicing at least 80% clean eating. I aim to increase my endurance, strengthen my back muscle to reduce the pain of scoliosis, to get rid of those visceral fats that causes me severe constipation, and getting my flexibility back while improving my balance.


10. Last two weeks of August I was busy working for a promotion which I successfully got. Then I formally started working with my new post in September. I'd always wanted to make myself worthy of all the trust and blessing I am getting so I decided to focus and learn the job first to ensure that I would be able to deliver the expectations of my company in promoting me.


11. Bolinao Pangasinan - Back on the road for a quick vacation. I'm now starting to feel the corporate slavery, but I am not complaining. No. In-fact I was thankful that this time I'd be able to invest more on the little things I cannot afford before.


12. Dumaguete - Siquijor : A mystical paradise that hypnotized me to never stop and travel more. The place that made me realize that my insanity is what's keeping me sane.

13. Fixing my finances. The sad truth is that, I've been very impulsive and immature about the usage of my credit card and I only realized it when I am almost chocked tight by all the debts and advance purchases I had. It was only in the mid of this year when I found out how my spending sucks, but the great thing is that I've learned so much from it. By the second quarter of November I was able. To successfully cut down my liabilities to whoooping 70%!! Perks of never skipping a page of finance book!


14. This is my birth month and I had the greatest gift a daughter can ever have for her mom. My mom who raised us alone and who always laugh about us not even owning the soil at our dirty kitchen, finally got a hand of the key to our very own little home. She will be moving next year after all the finishing is done, something we look forward to 2015! Dreams truly do come true!!

0 Regrets

Though this year tested the deepest of my emotional strength on dark times, it also filled my heart with so much rejoicing. It is so hard to complain and regret on things when you have so much to be thankful for. So no lamenting just thanksgiving ;)

Merry Christmas to you all who celebrates the joyful season, happy holidays for those who don't. :)
And to everyone, I am wishing you a blissful 2015!



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