#WhereToNext : Cebu City for Mother's Day.

One of the occasions that we always love to celebrate is Mother's day, this is because we are living far from our Mom who's been with us all the way even after we had our own lives. Last year, we totally forgot to prepare a thing for mothers’ day because of our hectic schedules. Usually, me, my sisters and cousins would book a flower and chocolate delivery for my mom, auntie and grandmother or send some small gifts but last year we only managed to greet them. Hence, this year we are catching up with the three women of our lives and thought that we should take them for a vacation and give them a few days break from their overwhelming day to day tasks.

Last December we opened a discussion on where they wanted to take a vacation for summer. They showed some interest in visiting Cebu City to meet some relatives and visit Simala Temple. I thought it was a great choice; Cebu has a diverse tourist destinations to choose from, they have historical places, beaches, waterfalls and even caves. Apart from that I’ve been also meaning to take another visit to this beautiful province. So, Cebu it is, we made sure to book them ahead to save the best dates we have. Now, we have the flight details, next thing I need to fix is the accommodation.

Accommodation in places like Cebu is quite easy but considering few more things like the budget, your needs and personal taste makes it a bit tricky. I thought that hotel wouldn’t be a good option as it may cost us a lot since we’re travelling in a group of six. With this number, it would mean that we might need to book at least 2 rooms or a suite and we might need to go out for food every now and then. As much as possible, I imagined an accommodation like a condo for rent same with the one I got when I had the entire family celebrated the New Year in Manila last 2013. I want a homier place where we could hang out on a common area and cook food as necessary, say for a very early breakfast or prepare for a midnight snack. It would be more comfortable for us that way especially that we are travelling with my grandmother. I want all of that in a bit more achievable price which is why I thought of AirBNB.

Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world. Whether an apartment for month, a castle for a week, or a Villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experience, at any price point, in more than 34,000 Cities and 190 countries.

Ideally, we need a place nearby or located at the City since we allotted the first part of our trip on visiting Simala Temple, touring the City and meeting up with some relatives. With this, I found a listing at Movenpick Beach in Lapu-Lapu City a perfect place to stay. This is a two-bedroom unit that could accommodate 6 persons, it has fully furnished kitchen and living area which suits our needs and not to mention their very beautiful beachfront which is very  timely for summer. Although Lapu-Lapu looks a bit far from Cebu City where all of the tourist spots that we are planning to visit are located (e.g. Magellan's Cross), there has been a pretty good feedback of many taxi cabs ready to take you to the city in just a couple of minutes making the accessibility considerable.

After having the planned City tour and meet-ups, we are planning to go South of the province and spend a stay at Luxe Villa in Oslob Cebu a listing from host Vilma. I can see that this place and its ambiance is very relaxing and reviving. The villa  located at the top of a rocky slope with flights of stairs down to clear turquoise beach where everyone can spend the summer perfect dip; it also faces the west where guests can enjoy the best sunset view. Addition to that is the availability of masseur incase you’d like to have some relaxing massage after a day of swimming. What else could you ask for? It sounds perfect for the mothers who are surely tired of their daily family duties, something I can’t wait for them to experience.

Treats for these beautiful, strong and loving women doesn’t stop at the relaxing stay because minutes away from this beautiful accommodation is Oslob’s famous whale watching site and majestic Tumalog waterfalls. We will have them experience that thrill that will surely unleash the young adventurer guts in them. :) 

Wish us the best on our plans guys and may you have the perfect summer as well!

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