2016: A summary

Catch up time guys! I only posted a few entries for this year and I thought it would be easier to summarize it to wrap-up 2016.

Reflecting back to what I have done and achieved for this year convinced me that I have already grown a bit into a more mature being haha. This year, tested my patience and strengths to its highest point, and indeed, you will never know what you are capable of until you lose a choice.

Much like travelling, tough times weaken our knees and exhaust our body, but the daring thought of fulfilling our goals and exploration to something different and something new fuels our heart and challenges our brain. Then instead of stopping, we came up more eager and way stronger.

This year might be one of the toughest I had as an adult but I am definitely ending this year strong with a stable job and endless learning opportunity. I am 80% with my schooling, this is something I worked hard this last quarter and I am moving five times faster than before. I am also progressing my career path and building my skills and knowledge around project management and process improvement. I will be celebrating my Christmas and welcoming the 2017 with my sisters and our closest friends at our new place.

I haven’t plotted a travel for next year. I wish to finish school first and gain more skills to accelerate my career growth. However, being the exact same person in my auto-biography, I will still take all the opportunities to explore on new sights and places, perhaps by accepting photography gigs that allows me to go out of town and practice photography while earning instead of spending.

If you are interested in working with me and looking for an affordable photography service here’s some of the photos I took a few months ago, we also do styling. You will help us a lot in achieving our goals and will surely add to this coming year’s story to tell.

Martin & Weng Prenuptial Photo shoot

Maria Theresa Maternity Photo shoot Set 1

Maria Theresa Maternity Photo shoot Set 2

Maria Theresa Maternity Photo shoot Set 3

Cassie’s Birthday Photo Shoot

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