Macau – Macao: I haven’t had enough of you.

Macau (in modern Portuguese) or Macao (original Portuguese spelling) is one of the two special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China, along with Hong Kong.

Macau is located less than two hours of ferry trip from the ports of Hong Kong, making it a famous side trip destination after HK visit.

Like many does, on our visit to Hong Kong we decided to spend the last day in Macau. From what I really knew at first, a day is enough to tour the City yet I was mistaken, I haven’t had enough of in that short trip. Maybe because I am not fond of all the casino scenery and I failed to stay up to night time where the lights of the buildings is a must-witness-show. But if I would be asked if I would like to go back again, then I would say yes, perhaps on a two-day trip. I wanted to visit the bear sanctuary, the old villages (which are great since we manage to pass by a few), the street food, and the black coast at the far end of the island; which are far from the center and would require a little time.

I may have not enjoyed hopping to huge buildings of tokens and cards; nevertheless, I am delighted with their fortresses, the museum and Saint Paul and some local encounters. I learned that most of them don’t understand a little English and would decline from talking to you making the exchange of information harder. Secondly, there are many Filipino’s in Macau (they said we are everywhere), our first encounter was at the airport, a lady and a guy were offering a tour package which we gracefully decline. Then the very pleasant and smiley guard at the museum of St. Paul, he was the one who taught us to proceed to see the preserved bones of some priest and the old artifacts of the church – in that part taking photo is highly prohibited. Thirdly, I was amused to have been mistaken of being a Malaysian, although one guy told me that he knew we are a Filipino at the first look – he said that our features are closer to Indonesians (which he was). Next was the food, though not all are close to my palate's likings, I think they have a lot of recipes to discover. Their dishes are mostly a fusion of Chinese and European cuisines and they were able to preserve most of their traditional way of cooking.

Things you may want to know:

  • HK$ is widely accepted in Macau.

  • If you are commuting by bus, exact fare is required or use your card (which we don’t have an idea that time). I haven’t seen one who gives change.

  • For some take-away, we had a lot from Koi Kei’s, their cookies and some products taste really good. They also offer free boxes if you buy in bulk – very kind of them to count all your boxes if you’re group.

  • TIPS on buying your ferry ticket for crossing Hong Kong – Macau and vice versa:  if you’re not too tight with your itinerary, I would suggest you to buy it upon exit and entry, that way you won’t rush things up just to catch your scheduled trip.

  • Also, know your docking port. Not knowing that we are docking at Hong Kong, made us walk a lot and take extra train rides.

  • Be at the ferry at least an hour ahead of your scheduled trip, we encounter one who missed her trip.

Still a place of its own grace! See you again!


  1. Hi! Im currently organizing our first ever family trip to HK Maucau, im refering to your posts constantly. it's been a great help so far. I have a few queries, we're planning to over night sa Macau, is it worth? also, where do you suggest we stay? thanks!

    1. Hi Alphae,

      Thanks for dropping by my blog, it's such a pleasure to know that you find it helpful. To answer your question, a night stay in Macau is I guess very worth it. I wish I was able to when we were there and would surely do on our next visit. A friend of mine suggested stay was - "Ole Tai" its budget friendly and conveniently located near the major Macau tourist spots :)

  2. I enjoy reading your blogs.. very detailed/informative.


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